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Behind the Curtain of our Virtual Concerts

We stopped rehearsing in February of 2019 and have yet to meet in person as a result of the COVID19 pandemic. 

But we found a way to make music.

We succeeded through the combined efforts of certain members of the orchestra to conquer the technological hurdles. Everyone contributed but three particular members took on the tasks for logistics, recording, video editing, and audio editing.

We are proud of the results: Kirkland Civic Orchestra

This also provided an opportunity to get to know the people behind the virtual curtain who made it possible. I interviewed each of them like I interview our guest soloists. The interviews will be released in three installments.

  • Doug Gallatin – flute, piccolo: Doug starts us off with the one-on-one help he provided to our members with recording their separate parts. Doug was able to create a safe environment and work one-on-one with players who did not have studio at home, or players who  were happy to have someone else tackle some of the technological challenges.
  • Ken Adamson – French horn: Ken has been helping the KCO with recording for years. Ken was able to take the audio tracks and mix and master them for a great result. This helped spread the load out and bring Ken’s recording expertise to bear on a this type of project.
  • David Spangler – trumpet: David created much of the initial guidance and coordination around getting the individual parts played and uploaded. Then, when the audio and video tracks were uploaded, David created the video with audio. Ken did his part and then David combined the whole thing into videos we have on YouTube.

It was a pleasure to talk with these gentlemen. And it was astonishing to learn what went into the project. Each person has had a hand in each role in other groups with other projects. The combined talents and efforts are not to be trifled with. This was some hard work.

Thanks to Doug, Ken, and David for the efforts and also personal thanks for sharing with Kirkland Civic Orchestra.

by Francis X. Langlois – tuba player in the KCO

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